Our Anger Management classes provide effective communication skills.

This is a Court-Approved Program!

The techniques to develop healthy coping mechanisms in dealing with conflicts and focusing on establishing strong and healthy social skills.

Our focus is to increase awareness and self-reflection ability, while allowing accountability and encouraging client to take responsibility for own actions. We work with clients to decrease emotional reactivity, denial, minimization, and blame. Enabling clients to understand the clinical meaning of anger/dynamics of power and control and how it impacts their daily life. As facilitators, we assist clients with appropriate ways of expression of anger and self-control techniques which helps them understand the basis of their emotions/behaviors. Enabling clients to develop a clinical understanding of the incident and its effects on others, increasing awareness and comprehension. We believe in enriching communication of feelings and self-expression, which helps enhance self confidence and self-esteem. Empowering clients to learn positive conflict resolution skills along with effective problem-solving skills, which helps improve impulse control and judgment. We really encourage examining cross-cultural issues, barriers and social factors that impact behaviors and judgment.

Anger management interventions are based on cognitive behavioral techniques, by teaching clients to learn and identity situations that can potentially trigger the feelings of anger.

To help reduce these triggers, relaxation techniques are taught as appropriate responses to the identified situations.

Common techniques include regulating breathing and physically removing yourself from the situation. Another form of techniques that is beneficial is role playing. Role-playing is used to practice the application of the learned techniques for future encounters with anger-inducing situations in the individual’s life. These techniques result in successful interventions that can not only reduce the outward display of aggression, but also decrease the internal level of anger.
Our anger management classes meet the requirements of both the Los Angeles County Superior Court System, Los Angeles County Family Court System & the Los Angeles County Department of Probation, as well as other mandated diversion programs.

Our goal and focus as both a preventive and corrective tool is available to help individuals cope with potentially anger-inducing aspects of their lives. Our program is tailored towards increasing self-awareness, focusing on conflict resolution and successful reduction in anger and volatile outbursts. Successful anger management could lead to an overall longer life span, healthy communication skills, and the prevention of psychological and social problems.