We provide perpetrators & victims/survivors of domestic violence the effective educational techniques that will help them create healthy and happy relationships and address obstacles or challenges that interfere with their emotional and mental well-being.

This is a Court-Approved Program!

Our focus is to increase awareness and self-reflection and decrease emotional reactivity and learn to avoid engaging in power struggles that leads to conflicts. We help clients learn to reduce denial, minimization, blame, and encourage accountability for their actions and behaviors. We help develop a clinical understanding of the violence and its effects on others, by enabling the understanding of the dynamics of power and control, cycle of violence and the effects of violence on others.

As facilitators, we encourage and promote appropriate ways of expression of anger and explore healthier alternatives to violence and enhance ability to vent emotions constructively and appropriately. Improving impulse control and judgment, leads to increased self-control and appropriate limit setting ability.

Our emphasis is to teach and educate positive conflict resolution skills along with effective problem-solving techniques, allowing clients to identify risk factors and recognize high risk situations.

As a facility, our concentration is on examining gender roles and addressing conflictual beliefs about male vs. female privileges, creates a focus on integrating respect in relationships and acknowledging how different roles impact our behaviors. Most importantly, empowering and enriching effective communication skills along with communication of feelings, allows recognition of insecurities and enhances self-confidence.

Our domestic violence classes meet the requirements of both the Los Angeles County Superior Court System, Los Angeles County Family Court System & the Los Angeles County Department of Probation, as well as other mandated diversion programs.

We strive to meet the highest quality of service to promote growth, improve mental stability, increase awareness and self-confidence, and embrace diversity and cultural diversity by creating a safe haven. Our passion speaks volumes and is demonstrated through the success of our clients.