Life skills are essential problem-solving behaviors that we need to manage our lives properly and responsibly.

In general, life skills are a set of specific skills that is needed to assist with everyday life, like using and balancing your bank account, finding community resources, creating a budget, learning how to cope with recovery issues such as substance abuse, physical and mental health, preparing for a career and perception of self and others.

Life skills are skills that make it possible for a person to be successful across several different areas. These skills help people excel no matter what challenges they encounter. At Northridge Counseling Center we help you improve your life skills by making it possible for you to have better personal relationships, better experiences at work, and being able to stabilize and manage emotions. When an individual masters these skills, they find they have a whole new toolbox to work with. When they face a problem, they can tackle it by falling back on these skills. At Northridge Counseling Center some of the goals that we will help you tackle are learning decision-making and problem-solving skills, with creative and critical thinking.

As human beings, we acquire life skills learned from our childhood, by our parents or guardians through observation and life experience. Our focus at Northridge Counseling Center is to identify specific needs and wants to achieve those goals.

Life skills needs are different and will vary from person to person and it depends on many factors, including life circumstances, financial factors, cultural beliefs, geographical factors, and social factors. The goal is to accomplish the life that we seek to the fullest potential.

As facilitators, our focus is to meet the client where they are in their progress and work in partnership to enhance and empower the specific skills that are needed to alter/adjust their thoughts and behaviors and ensure that the goals are met successfully.

An individual can improve communication and interpersonal skills, as well as self-awareness and empathy by learning life skills strategies.