Our classes are about how to make all relationships work, especially with children.

Our Child Abuse-Parenting Program is Court-Approved!

It is one of the best personal development class around. It is our goal to strengthen families with the knowledge, skills and insight that can move parents and their children forward in actualizing their full potential. Assisting parents in learning to let go of permissive and authoritarian methods of raising children and substituting more healthier alternatives and advanced techniques instead.

Our parent education classes provide parents with information to develop the skills needed to establish healthy relationships with their children. Some of the topics include parent technique, positive discipline, and effective communication skills.

Our classes focus on increasing awareness and enable client to develop a clinical understanding of the problem and its effects on children. These classes enhance accountability, decrease emotional reactivity, improve impulse control and judgment along with teaching limit setting and self-control techniques. Northridge Counseling facilitators help clients to raise awareness toward one’s own parenting style, teach effective parenting skills, and effective problem-solving techniques along with positive conflict resolution skills. Client is provided with age-appropriate developmental milestones, and effective tools for age-appropriate parenting.

Classes are about enriching proper communication skills, enhancing self-confidence, examining cross-cultural issues and strengthening appropriate parent-child relationships. Our focus is to create a safe environment in which clients can share problem areas, provide positive feedback, and build the support and motivation needed to develop healthy coping skills with themselves and their relationships.

Our classes focus on enhancing a collective mood; this may mean changing the presentation style to match the specific mood, becoming either sensitive, more serious, or upbeat.

Our parenting classes meet the requirements of both the Los Angeles County Superior Court System, Los Angeles County Family Court System & the Los Angeles County Department of Probation, as well as other mandated diversion programs.

At Northridge Counseling Center we are dedicated in building stronger families, creating an environment that is safe, honest, encouraging and creating caring communication within the family unit.

We take pride in what we do and our work demonstrates our success.