On-Site Workshops

Northridge Counseling Center provides trained staff to conduct workshops on a variety of topics to schools, businesses, senior citizen centers, organizations, veterans, and more.

  • Psychoeducational and Motivational
  • Domestic Violence – identifying, reporting, resources for perpetrators and victims
  • Techniques for dealing with anger management
  • Parent education presentations and tips for positive discipline techniques.
  • Life Skills

Anger Management

Our anger management classes provide effective communication skills and techniques to develop healthy coping mechanisms in dealing with conflicts and focusing on establishing strong and healthy personal and social skills.

Domestic Violence

Northridge Counseling Center’s focus is to increase awareness and self-reflection and decrease emotional reactivity and learn to avoid engaging in power struggles that lead to conflicts.

Parenting Classes

Our court-approved parenting classes are about strengthening families with knowledge that helps parents learn healthy, disciplinery skills. It is one of the best personal development classes in Los Angeles County.

Life Skills

Life skills are essential problem-solving behaviors that we need to manage our lives properly and responsibly. In general, life skills are a set of specific skills that are needed to assist with everyday life and are needed at any age.