“The facilitators at Northridge Counseling Center are very caring, compassionate and incredibly professional, and skilled.”


“I will just say this place completely changed my life during a time when I thought no help was available to me.”


“The facilitators helped me with my basic needs to help me get back on my feet. They actually invested their time to make sure I had food on my table.”


“When I met the team of Northridge Counseling Center,  I was convinced that this place will provide me the right services I was searching for. I like that they use research-backed methods and their calm collaborative approach to treating their clients.”


“This facility is court-approved, which secures the classes that I take, and their timely response in providing reports to courts are on point.”


“As much as they are a counseling center, you won’t find many that also help you connect to community and with community resources, such as helping me apply for transportation and general relief in time of difficulty.”

“Evelina and Lusine have done a tremendous job at the Northridge Counseling Center. It is with great pleasure to leave a testimony. They created an environment and organization that really speaks highly. All of my clients that have been/were referred to Evelina and Lusine have all come back with such positive feedback. And this right here is a demonstration that change/rehabilitation/treatment has occurred.”
Officer Cabrera